Association EUPATI CH

We bring patient, academic and industry partners together to discuss patient education and patient involvement in medicines research and development (R&D). Working together, we raise awareness about the important role of patients, and members identify challenges and opportunities for joint action.

Membership of EUPATI CH is open to all, including government officials, regulatory bodies, healthcare professionals, social care workers, medical journalists and other interested national partners.

If you are interested in learning more about EUPATI CH, attending our events, or even helping set the future strategy around patient education in Switzerland, please contact us.


EUPATI CH – Patient input for better medicines!


Fostering partnerships with medicines R&D stakeholders to promote public involvement in all aspects of medicines R&D. Contributing to patient empowerment for active involvement in medicines R&D and supporting public awareness raising for the EUPATI education material.


The aim of EUPATI CH is to provide access to education and training for patients and other stakeholders in healthcare in order to enable meaningful patient engagement in therapeutic innovation.

In this regard, EUPATI CH seeks to cooperate with existing patient organisations without the intention to compete with them in any way. Further to this, the following activities shall be undertaken or promoted:

  • Supporting public awareness raising for the EUPATI education material and providing a respective training adapted to national requirements
  • Contributing to patient empowerment for active involvement in therapeutic innovation
  • Fostering partnerships with therapeutic innovation stakeholders in Switzerland to promote public involvement in all aspects of therapeutic innovation


Objectivity, transparency, ethical conduct, equity, and independence are vital prerequisites to ensure that EUPATI CH achieves its goals and is accepted and valued by both the patient community and the wider public. Core to this are transparency, independence and trust.

The members of the EUPATI CH serve on a voluntary basis and in their individual capacities as experts in their fields or as representatives of their patient organisations, academic or research institutions, health authorities or pharmaceutical companies.

EUPATI CH Executive Board 2023-2026

Ivo Schauwecker (Patient and academic representative)

Cristiana Sessa (EOC Ticino)

Other board members
Rosmarie Pfau (, EUPATI Fellow)
Hansruedi Völkle (Positivrat, EUPATI Fellow)
Cordula Landgraf (SCTO)
Larisa Aragon (Europa Donna, EUPATI Fellow in training)
Stephan Schobinger (MPN)
Rosine Mucklow (Patient representative, EUPATI Fellow)
Chantal Britt (Long COVID, EUPATI Fellow)
Ghada Ibrahim (PACRT)

Caecilia Schmid (SCTO)


Patient representatives and patient organisations
FMF & AID Global Association
Schweizerische Morbus Crohn / Colitis ulcerosa Vereinigung (SMCC )
Association Romande du Syndrome de Sjögren
SMA Schweiz patientennetz schweiz
Patient Advocate for Cancer Research and Treatment (PACRT)
Verband Nierenpatienten Schweiz (VNPS)
Stéphane Charbon
Max Lippuner (EUPATI Fellow)
Steven Bourke (EUPATI Fellow)
Judith Safford
Ivo Schauwecker
Larisa Aragon Castro (EUPATI Fellow in training)
Stephan Schobinger
Rosine Mucklow (EUPATI Fellow)
Chantal Britt (EUPATI Fellow)
Cécile Tardy (Swiss Expert Patient in training)
Caridad Rodriguez (EUPATI Fellow)
Sanda Velic (EUPATI Fellow)
Florian Klett (EUPATI Fellow)
Beat Meyer (Swiss Expert Patient in training)

Academic representatives of organisations
Cordula Landgraf and Caecilia Schmid (Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation (SCTO))
Karl Ehrenbaum (Gesundheitsbildung Schweiz)
Christine Aeschlimann (Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Klinsche Krebsforschung)
Silke Ludwig (Clinical Trials Centre, University Hospital Zürich)
Andrew Briant (Ambient)

Pharmaceutical Industry and for-profit organisations
Janssen-Cilag AG

Individual members
Prof. Cristiana Sessa
Dr. Brigitte Franke-Bray
Emilie Berger
Prof. Uyen Huynh-Do
Debra De Silva-Sun
Anne-Lise Ducournau Lichtenberg
Lucie Hofmann
Catherine Bates
Beatrice Heim
Barbara Wicki
Marina Leroy
Evelyne Graf
Dr. Cristiana Berti
Prof. Katarzyna Wac
PD Dr. med. Carole Elodie Aubert


Membership application

Membership of EUPATI CH is open to all interested persons: patients, patient advocates, patient organisations, consumer organisations, academics, institutions, university hospitals, healthcare associations, industry representatives, companies, government agencies representatives, regulatory authorities, medical journalists.

Please send your completed application form for membership to the Executive Board, via its secretariat. By applying for membership (in writing or verbally) you automatically agree with our statutes.

The Executive Board will inform you on its decision on your membership application.


Categories of membership
EUPATI CH has the following membership categories:

  • Ordinary member as an individual,
  • Ordinary member as a representative of an organisation (representing on behalf of the organisation)
  • Supporting member (without voting right)


Application form
You can download the application form here


Membership fees
Membership fees for 2020 were determined by the General Assembly on April 23, 2020, a hardship clause exists for individuals who cannot pay this amount (see statutes):

  • Individual persons: CHF 30.-
  • Institutions / Organisations: CHF 30.- (but are most welcome to pay a higher amount)
  • Supporting Institutions / Organisations: CHF 2000.-