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The Swiss EUPATI National Platform well represented at the EUPATI Annual Meeting in Dublin

The EUPATI annual meeting and workshop was held on 22 April 2015 in Dublin. The meeting was devoted to the implementation of EUPATI at national level: „An Interactive Workshop on Implementing EUPATI in Your Country“ and it attracted nearly 200 interested stakeholders and consortium partners from across Europe. The comprehensive report as well as the presentations, videos and pictures are publicly availably on the EUPATI website.

Members of the Swiss EUPATI National Platform were well represented as speakers, panellists and toolbox reviewers. The Swiss representatives also shared their experience of building a public-private partnership and their patient education needs in the discussions in break‐out groups around the future of National Platforms. Interacting with National Platforms from 11 other countries yielded a great deal of information and general feedback – resulting in a “cookbook” of sorts around how to press forward at the national level.

Swiss EUPATI Patient