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Rosemarie Pfau

Rosmarie worked many years as management assistant and responsible person in national and international companies and in a cantonal prosecution department. She is Transactional Analysis and Kinesiology Practitioner.

Rosmarie is Founder and President of ho/noho – Swiss Organisation for lymphoma patients and relatives and responsible for the development of the organisation. She is board member of the International Lymphoma Coalition and the Cancer League of Basel and Region as well as member of several Swiss and European working groups and advisory boards.

Rosmarie was diagnosed in 1999 with a follicular lymphoma, which transformed into an aggressive DLBCL. After several chemotherapies and radiation followed an autologous transplant in 2006. Since then she is in remission. Since Rosmarie was diagnosed, she has dedicated her life to helping and supporting lymphoma patients through their disease and treatment journey and to raise awareness of lymphoma. The story of her survivorship is to encourage and motivate lymphoma patients.

“EUPATI made a big change in my life. I learned how important the patient involvement in all parts of the process is and to enter the patient’s experience into the engagement with other stakeholders.”