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European Patients Academy
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EUPATI Schweiz / Suisse / Svizzera association


Our aims

The aims of EUPATI CH are to act as the central point for inquiries and cooperation platform for patient empowerment and involvement in medicines R&D processes in Switzerland.

1. Contributing to patient empowerment for active involvement in medicines research and development (R&D).

2. Supporting public awareness raising for the EUPATI education material.

3. Fostering partnerships with medicines R&D stakeholders in Switzerland to promote public involvement in all aspects of medicines R&D.


EUPATI CH is a nonprofit organisation. In order to fullfill our aims and retain our independence, we need financial support.

EUPATI CH acknowledges any funds and grants. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Swiss postfinance account:
IBAN: CH84 0900 0000 8956 5298 4


The EUPATI CH statutes are available here
in english
in german
in french
in italian

Annex 1 (Code of Conduct) and Annex 2 (Advisory Board) available in english.


Bodies of EUPATI CH

  • The General Assembly of EUPATI CH,
  • The Executive Board,
  • The Auditors,
  • The Advisory Board.



European Patient’s Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI CH)
Switzerland / Schweiz / Suisse / Svizzera
℅ SCTO, Effingerstrasse 35, 3008 Bern, Switzerland
+41 31 307 10 40


Please send your completed application form for membership to the Executive Board, via its secretariat. By applying for membership (in writing or verbally) you automatically agree with our statutes.

The Executive Board will inform you on its decision on your membership application.

Categories of membership
EUPATI CH has the following membership categories:

  • Ordinary members: individual persons,
  • Ordinary members: institution representatives

Application form
You can download the application form here

Membership fees
Membership fees for 2018 were determined by the General Assembly on October 26, 2017, a hardship clause exists for individuals who cannot pay this amount (statutes):

  • Individual persons: CHF 30.-
  • Institutions / Organisations: at least CHF 50.- (but are most welcome to pay a higher amount)



Newsletter EUPATI CH Issue 05 (07.08.2018)
in english
in german

Newsletter EUPATI CH Issue 04 (10.05.2018)
in english
in german
in french
in italian

Newsletter EUPATI CH Issue 03 (08.12.2017)
in english
in german
in french
in italian

Newsletter EUPATI CH Issue 02 (11.09.2017)
in english
in german
in french
in italian

Newsletter EUPATI CH Issue 01 (26.05.2017)
in english
in german
in french
in italian

Strategy and Workplan

Strategy and workplan of the EUPATI CH association 2017 - 2020 is available
in english

Support for the implementation of the workplan 2018 is being received by:

  • Amgen
  • Janssen-Cilag AG
  • Pfizer AG
  • Roche Pharma (Schweiz) AG
  • Takeda Pharma AG

Annual Report

Annual Report 2016/2017 is available
in english
in german
in french
in italian

Publications and Articles

EUPATI CH Flyers and Postcards

EUPATI CH flyers 2018



EUPATI CH postcards 2018
Postcards in all languages

We are proud to be member of EUPATI CH

Executive Board

Hansruedi Völkle (Positivrat Schweiz)

open for application

Caecilia Schmid, Rosine Mucklow (SCTO)

Communications officer
Estelle Jobson (EUPATI Fellow, Endometriosis)

open for application

Other board members
Rosmarie Pfau (EUPATI Fellow)
Liz Isler (div. patient organisations)
Marie Mi Bonde Hansen (USB Basel)
Cristiana Sessa (EOC Ticino)
Annette Magnin (SCTO)


Advisory Board
Our Advisory Board (AB) shall provide non-binding expert advice and guidance and support EUPATI CH strategically, read more about your roles here.

Membership of the Advisory Board (AB) is open to all patients, patient advocates, patient organisations, consumer organisations, academics, institutions, university hospitals, healthcare associations, industry representatives, companies, government agencies representatives, regulatory authorities, medical journalists and anyone interested.

A request to become an Advisory Board member of EUPATI CH shall be sent to the Executive Board by sending an email to the secretariat indicating the intent and commitment to support the platform.


Members of our Advisory Board
Cordula Landgraf, Swissmedic
Daniela Gunz, healthbank innovation AG
Stephanie Ludwig, Takeda Pharma AG