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Estelle Jobson

Estelle Jobson is from South Africa and has a background in editing, writing, scholarly and educational publishing. She works full-time as a corporate writer in Geneva. Estelle was a board member and carried out international activities for the US-based Endometriosis Association for five years. She is now involved in endometriosis awareness and activism with Swiss patient organisations and healthcare providers and in diverse online patient forums. Estelle is currently completing the EUPATI Patient Expert Training Course to gain an in-depth knowledge of medicines research and development.

‘I first got involved with EUPATI in March 2015 to do a presentation at the Swiss-French National Platform launch. My presentation was called ‘From stumbling to strong: how a patient can become a patient-activist’. It was wonderful to see and meet so many participants from the different fields: R&D, patient bodies, and pharma. Since then, I started the training for patient experts, which is due to finish in December 2016. I hope soon thereafter to have much more time to devote to the EUPATI Swiss platform and to apply the learning acquired through the training.’